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Patrick "Pat" O'Hara (born September 27, ) is a former coach and quarterback in the Arena Football League (AFL). He currently serves as the quarterback.

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The rivalry between two brothers reaches a fever pitch during a charity swim competition. The Exploding Girl Happythankyoumoreplease Short Comedy. Hello Lonesome Drinking Buddies Junk II The Big Sick Edit Cast Credited cast: Jake Johnson Basel Zoe Kazan Charles John Carroll Lynch Frank Lee Garlington Store Owner Frankie Shaw Claudia Danny Pudi Rao Sterling Beaumon Hunter Luka Jones Patrick Sabrina Lloyd Edith Jeremy Howard James Shae D'lyn May Meagen Fay Matthews as Meagan Fay Jennifer Lafleur Marguerite Annie O'Donnell Edit Storyline When an eccentric and insecure young woman is mistaken for her dead identical twin, she seizes the chance to leave her pathetic existence behind and assume her sister's life.

Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 90 min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Another movie about a person pretending to be someone else. Goofs When Charles throws Basel's grocery bags out of his hands before he hits Basel, a box of cereal lands on the porch. Then shortly after Basel punches Charles off the porch and says, "What did you punch me in the face for, man? These essays were a joy to read. You can feel the author's authenticity and spirit on every page.

Brown does not shy away from showing us her inner most thoughts and experiences as a black, disabled woman who does not let her disability define her as a person. She takes us through the experiences that have had the most impact on her life, and have helped her develop her most authentic self. I especially loved her use of literary devices such as metaphors, to talk about certain things; like ho These essays were a joy to read. I especially loved her use of literary devices such as metaphors, to talk about certain things; like how important chairs are in her everyday life this was one of my favourites.

This book is uplifting, honest, insightful, and victorious. Highly recommend it if you are looking for something inspirational to read. Aug 02, Jade rated it it was amazing Shelves: amazing , , netgalley , activism , current-events , memoirs , civil-rights , coming-of-age , essays , feminism. I wrote a long, rambling review of my thoughts while reading The Pretty One by Keah Brown, and then I realized I was just paraphrasing content that the author had already eloquently stated in a much more poignant, honest, and firsthand way. The Pretty One to I wrote a long, rambling review of my thoughts while reading The Pretty One by Keah Brown, and then I realized I was just paraphrasing content that the author had already eloquently stated in a much more poignant, honest, and firsthand way.

The Pretty One touched me and taught me so much.

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Keah Brown has one of the most refreshing and positive voices I have heard in a long time. Her words are equally honest, funny, poignant, and important.

This collection of essays discusses representation at every intersection, and provides ample information on why disabilities are not only completely underrepresented in society at large but so often inaccurately represented. As an able-bodied white woman I took a lot of her words to heart, and realized how disabled people are continuously portrayed in a stereotypical manner in TV and movies, and more often than most by able-bodied actors.

This collection discusses being disabled in an ableist society, from a personal and more general point of view, and how the author grew up hating her disability and her personal journey towards learning to love herself the way she is. As a society we have to do so much better, and we must listen to those who are often erased or ignored is the first step.

And seriously, Keah Brown has such a unique, positive, and happy voice, she writes wonderfully, and these essays were all a joy to read. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy, and thank to the author for writing such a wonderful, personal collection of essays. The Pretty One will be on my must read list for a long time. As always, an honest review from me. Like: - fun, quick, entertaining read - Love her personality - Discusses that she doesn't want people using her life as a disabled person as their inspiration instead of being inspired by her personality, achievements and general awesomeness!

So definitely read this book and do a google search! I highly recommend it! Sep 06, Hannah rated it it was amazing.

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When I come across I book I love, one of two things happen: I either tear through it in an effort to devour the words and let them fill my skin, or I take my time because everything said is so genius and so impactful. Keah Brown's debut collection definitely falls into the latter group. As a fellow disabled writer, this book was such a joy to read. Never have a read something so truthful and vulnerable about disability, self love, and one's life in general. Very excited to see where Keah goes fro When I come across I book I love, one of two things happen: I either tear through it in an effort to devour the words and let them fill my skin, or I take my time because everything said is so genius and so impactful.

Very excited to see where Keah goes from here. Aug 07, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: to-review , badass-ladies. Brown has a refreshing, direct but conversational style. A writer to watch. Aug 21, Megan Sanks rated it it was amazing Shelves: nonfiction , memoir , adult , ability-status.

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Brown also inspired me to listen to Demi Lovato's second album for the first time in years and it still holds up. Sep 11, Julia rated it it was amazing Shelves: e , f , y , m , z , x , en , n , q This is one of the friendliest memoirs I've read, and one of the more optimistic ones. I'll be recommending this to some folks. I'm looking forward to reading more from the author, mostly for her authorial voice.

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Aug 22, Bookaholic rated it really liked it. This is a tough book to rate. On one hand, this is such an important topic that it should be explored by everyone. The author is a beautiful person not only on the inside but also on the outside. We definitely need more role models like her in this inhospitable and judgmental world. There are some chapters in this book that will stay with me for This is a tough book to rate.

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  8. There are some chapters in this book that will stay with me for awhile now—they have burned into my soul. On the other hand, the text is quite repetitive and I could not finish the book. Not again! Unfortunately most had blended in. Sep 01, Jen Remembered Reads rated it liked it. It felt like much of the material had been setting up something more substantial but then retreated back to cute instead - but I think I may have expected something slightly different when I picked this up.

    Review: Engaging And Sweet ‘The Pretty One’ Starring Zoe Kazan & Jake Johnson

    Brown's childhood stories, especially surrounding her relationship with her twin sister and her relationship to her body were charmingly interspersed between tidbits about the children's tv of her childhood. I'm the wrong target market for those references I was reading this along with my teenage niece, and we jointly realized that we were respectively ten years too old and ten years too young for them , but the set-up definitely made it feel primed to charm readers who grew up with the same shows.

    The essays dealing with self-acceptance and love mention a turning point in And while it's brilliant that she had that moment, some of it reads as though not enough time has passed for her to reflect on that moment particularly deeply yet. I came away with the impression that the story there that might be very different if it were re-written in a few more years. The pop culture chapters hint at a larger social picture, but fairly quickly become purely personal. That's not a flaw in and of itself, but there are several points that suggest a broader focus but then almost immediately narrow down.

    There's a discussion about disability and its absence or near absence in fashion and advertising that conspicuously never mentions sportswear campaigns. The token paralympian in those sports campaigns can certainly problematic in other ways I don't buy the argument that all commercials with disabled athletes are inspiration porn by default, but plenty of people do , but considering that either way they can also be one of the few places where that "white man in a wheelchair" isn't the sole vision of disability, it felt like a missing piece.

    Similarly, she writes of "the success of Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time" in near-equal terms terms despite the vast discrepancy in both box office results and reviews. In a later essay it's clear that the equivalence is about personal impact.

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    5. Which is a fair angle, but it was odd not to have the distinction made in the chapter that actually focused on media representation in film. It also felt odd that in a discussion specifically about the lack of disability in Black Panther, it was mentioned as an complete absence rather than a problematic presence since there was a disabled character in the film, just in the form of a white male villain.

      In any case, this was a solid conversation starter for a multi-generational family read-along. And I imagine people who are closer generationally to the author will love the pop culture nostalgia parts. Sep 03, Katherine rated it really liked it Shelves: bildungsroman , african-american , nonfiction , essays , disability , feminist-themes , pop-culture , memoir. The issues she explores in this piece re I've been looking forward to reading "The Pretty One" - or, at least, any novel-length work by Keah Brown - ever since I read her Catapult article, "Love, Disability, and Movies. The issues she explores in this piece representation, embodiment, different kinds of love and her engagement with the popular culture in which they are given form and function, is something that Brown returns to again and again - not only in later articles, but also at length in "The Pretty One.

      Perhaps the best aspect of this book is the unrelenting self-love that Brown continually insists upon, not only for herself, but for the culture she knows herself to be working within.

      Keah Brown: The Pretty One

      Brown's insistence, not only on her own worth and desirability, but on the sense of love that exists at the center of her book, is radical - in the sense that, however directly, it fundamentally challenged the way in which narratives and bodies like her own are 'supposed' to exist in the world. This isn't to say that this is an unrelentingly happy book - Brown speaks at length about her own insecurities, mistakes, and pain.

      The warmth of her voice, and the deep affection with which she regards both herself and others, are nonetheless powerful reminders of personhood, power, and the complexity that comes with being human. Brown tempers pain with joy - and in doing so, creates a portrait of herself that is difficult not to love.

      Aug 25, Ani rated it really liked it. Okay, first things first, can I say how amazing it was to read a book by a fellow Paramore fan?