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This has been termed "Being Born Again", or "Conversion". As we build a direct link to the Holy Spirit we realize the development of certain powers, which brings us to our next consideration. The Word of Wisdom This means to have a mastery of practical aspects of mystic power. To be wise in your understanding and application of divine laws within your daily life. The Word of Knowledge This means to make it your business to know what is necessary for spiritual power.

Faithful study brings knowledge and knowledge is power. The more we desire knowledge, the easier it becomes to receive it. Faith This is the faith which is a spiritual gift, so powerful that it becomes a dynamo to generate daily miracles within your life. The Master said that faith, as a grain of Mustard Seed, could move mountains.

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This means that we should concentrate our faith into a point of energy which holds the very force of the atom. The secret is: focus thoughts into positive directions towards the realization of our goals.

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Gifts of Healing These are of a greater power than mental or herbal healing. Spiritual healing comes from the very core of life to remove the cause of the illness. The Working of Miracles This means that when we blend into the all powerful will of God, good things flow easily to us and those we love. To be in universal harmony with life is to have a direct link with the source of miracles.

Wise teachers have given us a hint to this secret in the words, "let go and let God". Prophecy This is the power to foretell future events. Great prophets, such as Moses, Daniel, Ezekiel, Nostradamus and others were able to foretell the future with outstanding accuracy through the gift of prophecy. Within the mind of God is the knowledge of all that was, is and shall be. As we allow our mind to be touched by God's mind, we shall be able to use this wonderful gift.

Discerning of Spirits - This means to know the true character of any spirit we may be. There are evil spirits who pretend to be angels of light for the purpose of leading men astray. With this spiritual gift operating in your life, you will be able to detect a deceiving spirit. Also, let us remember that not all evil spirits are discarnate: Many people that we meet may act very nice outwardly, but actually be wolves in sheeps' clothing.

Speaking in Other Tongues Inspired speaking is a spiritual gift which enables one to speak a language unknown to the speaker, for the purpose of giving a divine demonstration to others. At times one may speak a heavenly tongue, also known as the language of angels. Interpretation of Tongues This means that we are able to know what we have spoken in unknown tongues while inspired.

Let us remember that we must crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run. Patience, consistent effort and faith are the three main ingredients which yield success in psychic and spiritual development. Start at the bottom, work your way to the top, and believe that you shall become powerful. There is a superior part of us which transcends our physical, emotional and mental faculties, and that is our true self, the spiritual man. Our spiritual body is the high self of our existence and is a three fold manifestation of love, will and wisdom in their highest form.

As we progress on the path we become more aware of the true self, thus becoming more aware of God, for it is this part of us that is made in the image of the Almighty. Banishing Curses "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free'. John My dear friend, the information I am about to share is most powerful.

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If you believe and apply it, it can and will set you free from any and all negative influences which have come upon you during your life - in this life, and in all past incarnations. An enemy may wish bad luck on your life and plans. They hold negative thoughts to the effect that you will become ill, lose your mind, fail at business or personal. They can focus this energy against you a number of different ways. You may have tried to help these people and they resented your interference to the point of wishing you harm.

Master Book of Spiritual Power

An enemy can try to harm you for petty reasons, such as jealousy, not wanting you to be with someone, rivalry on your job, and many other petty reasons. Simply stated, a curse is a negative energy which may lodge itself in your mind as a negative obsession, a deeply rooted emotional problem, or even in your body as an unnatural pain or condition. A curse can cause you to make all the wrong moves so that you are sure to fail, cause you to keep dropping things and have accidents, forget important things, lack interest and attention about important matters, become easily upset, hate yourself, hate others and a host of other negative things.

I will now expose several ways by which an evil person may send a curse on someone. Such people may do this in a joking way, but they have a certain effect that makes you feel cornered and helpless. Beware of such people and separate yourself from them if possible. If you cannot avoid such people, take the person aside and tell them that you insist they stop intimidating you. If they refuse to stop, the only thing left to do is to rebuke them openly for their lack of consideration. The reason that this is so important is because when a person constantly, and deliberately intimidates you, they may be trying to break down your mental and emotional shield, thus opening you up to stronger negative forces.

In order for a negative magic spell to take effect, the victim's confidence must be weakened in some way. Another method of intimidation used by evil workers is to place a gum like substance in the victim's path followed by unclean substances such as grave yard dirt. The person picks up the dust on their shoes by means of the gum and they may even trip or fall because of this. In any case, this gives the sorcerer an open door into the person's life as they have implanted the forces of their negative wishes into the substance.

Still another way that workers of darkness intimidate victims is by the display of an ill omen or sign. For example, a dead black cat, mouse or roses which have been painted. The evil worker applies the law of sympathetic magic using the item as a link with their victim. Simply stated, the principle of sympathetic magic is this; Every human being radiates a magnetic energy field known as the aura.

Our physical vitality, emotional and mental energy, our very life is contained within our auric force field.

When a strand of hair, nail clipping or anything else is separated from our body a portion of our life remains on that part for a certain time. Through contact with such an item a spiritual healer can. In a case of using a voodoo doll, the evil worker will attach some portion of the victim's body and will, through this link, send emotionally potent curses and thoughts of evil intent. They may place this doll in or near a fire, puncture it with pins, and even suspend it on a thread as if to hang the victim.

The person to whom the words were directed may find themselves under a curse which can only be broken if they overcome the trait which angered the other person. Some people are under curses which have followed them into many lives, or incarnations. I will reveal how one can free themselves from curses such as these as we continue with this lesson.

Trv not to offend anyone if there is any way to avoid it. At times it is impossible to avoid offending someone because some people have peculiar ways. However, just to be mindful of the feelings of others make it easier to have harmony. Such a curse may be hard to break as long as the person continues to follow a pattern of negativity. The only cure for such curses is to reform our mental and speaking habits.

Start thinking and speaking positively, even though things look bad. If you are faithful you will begin to break bad habits and change your life.

Chapter 3: The Spiritual Power of Matter

The problem is that most human beings are not always strong: Everyone has times of weakness. It is during these times that wicked forces may strike out at us. If we were perfected in love, harmony and faith we would be secure against evil invasions. However, since most of us live a roller coaster existence of up one day and down the next, we must do two things: First, we must promote positive influences around us, and avoid negative ones as we work towards perfection.

Second, we must take every precaution to protect ourselves from evil psychic attack.

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Therefore, I will reveal traditional, effective methods to banish all existing curses and then reveal techniques of protection. Before we proceed, I will share accounts of some of the cases in which I have been able to help victims of negative curses.

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This woman had grown children and a fine husband, and was financially well off. By all outward appearances one would think that she had an ideal life, but as she sat in my office looking at me, I could see that she was very troubled. She told me that about two months earlier she began to receive prank calls:. When she answered there would be a brief silence and then the other person would hang up. She began to notice that these calls would come at the rate of three times a day. Finally, one day she went to her mailbox and found, among the other letters, a blank sealed envelope. She opened it and inside she found a letter with these words: "I take from you 5 drops of blood; one from your heart, one from your liver, one from your womanhood.