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Fixed Scroll of Explosion bombs falling thru floor.

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Redid Zombie Murderer Recolors Added additional zombie murderer skin colors. Brown and Purple. Added clear target volume requirement for teleporting. Changed plinth and elevator to Depris layer so that you can port onto them. Added Timed Spikes Dragon Companion shoots parallel to floor now, making it much more useful. Including 4 newly created enemies and redesigned skeleton swordsman. Level tweaks from play testing Added sound for spikes Room balance modifications after play testing Increased Skeleton Swordsman health New Demon Bomb Blaster enemy Redesigned level 5 with 31 new room designs Demon Bomb redesigned with improved combat AI, sound effects, and animations Decorative candles for level 5 moved to debris layer so they no longer block movement New projectile attack added to Orcus, Punisher of Broken Oaths Vulcan, God of Fire now Taunts the player Vulcan sounds improved Vulcan fire projectile visual increases in size after being fired Improved Lord of Drunkenness sounds.

Slightly modified effects of gold drop upgrades. Handle edge case of ballistic Projectile trajectory calculation. Increased anti-aliasing. Turned on soft shadows. Changed bow to have higher arrow speed as a bonus instead of seeking arrows, which were overpowered. Increased boss healths for longer battles. Changed Lightning upgrade to be rechargeable. Lowered strength of White Lotus upgrade. Lowered strength of Bloodthirsty upgrade.

Made levels bigger. Added additional dead end rooms.

Changed Bow attack to not have seeking. Instead the arrows will move 3x as fast as the bows special ability. Make sword melee damage not explode the red walls. Red block mazes become nearly impossible to do as is.

S Special Series 2: 3 Garga Decks! Impact! Triple Punisher

Many pots added to Level 2 rooms that were missing pots, should help with survivability on floor 2. Decreased amount of pots in some empty rooms with excessive pots New hidden room variation Changed sword projectiles. Instead of embedding in walls they bounce off and land on floor. Also changed the hitbox size and shape for them.


Fixed Demon grunt can bug out and not run death animation when he dies from an explosion. Fixed Demon Bomb is playing and looping sound on awake, should stop playing sound on death Increased Scroll, Heart, Shield, and Bomb drop rates while lowering Coin, and Key drop rates.

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Dice added to loot table Scaled Dice cost with floor and number of rolls. Changed pricing of all items in shops to scale with level. Fixed Orthogonal move toward player enemies should try to move around pillar or wall instead of running straight into it indefinitely Ensure treasure room doors are locked after level 1.

Added new music.

Added hidden rooms. Lowered upgrade price a bit. Fixed Level 2 room with 2 upgrade chests behind walls in center of room. It was OP. Changed upgrade message time length to 4 seconds from 6. Added more hidden rooms.

The Punisher season 3: How does Jon Bernthal feel about cancellation?

Added more hidden room variations. Added shields to shop items. Removed potion from shop items. Fixed explosion sound volumes. Hide spiked ball visual on collision. Manage episode series Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Welcome to Player FM! Take it with you. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Player FM might just be it. Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI.

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Not what you don't. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. Nevertheless, Frank became a target for the law even bigger than ever before. Frank eventually regained his sanity and returned to his crusade against crime, this time more in a shift towards the superhero community.

Feeling an oncoming rush of danger however, Frank went undercover and was not seen for a number of months. Sometime after this Frank was convinced by demons led by the former Archangel Olivier to commit suicide and was then raised from death by the Angel Gadriel who used some of his own angelic power to restore Frank to life as well as granting him access to all the weapons of Heaven. During this time Frank learned that Frank Costa, whose mob family were responsible for the death of his family, was in fact the demon Olivier who killed Frank's family so that the all the deaths Frank would then be responsible for would ultimately work as sacrifices for Olivier, allowing him to increase his power.

Frank fought alongside Gadriel and seemingly killed Olivier.

S Special Series 2: 3 Garga Decks! Impact! Triple Punisher

Taking the alias Mr. Smith, took an apartment in New York where he reluctantly befriended the neighbors Spacker Dave , Mr. Bumpo and Joan the Mouse. Castle decided to strike fear in the hearts of the criminals of New York by by targeting the Gnucci Crime Family. He planned to kill Ma Gnucci the matriarch of the family, but not before making her suffer first by killing her criminal sons Carlo Gnucci , Bobbie Gnucci and Eddie Gnucci.

This however turned into a full scale war and he was shocked by how ruthless Ma Gnucci was. She used her connections with the N. The N. The remainder of her soldiers threw down their guns and left, saying that she "can't pay us enough to fight that. Soap stepped down as the police commissioner and was placed back in control of the Punisher Task Force. Castle met with Soap to form an alliance who decided to provide him the information he could. Soon after while on a mission he encountered a newly resurrected Russian. After defeating Kreigkopf he stole one of his planes and dropped a hydrogen bomb on the island incinerating everyone.

Soap went to Castle regarding Tommy Casino an old school gangster being held prisoner in Colombia. He was imprisoned during a botched mob deal and was about to be executed. He sent Castle to rescue him as Tommy was the only person able to bring peace between the mob families and by doing so save a lot of lives. Tommy kept his word and brought all the major players of New York together for a peace summit, but this was just what Castle wanted who had arrived to the meeting himself with his M60, having used Tommy as an opportunity to wipe out the mob.

While still taking down the East Coast Mob, he encountered Wolverine who was also tracking down a murderer who cut a man in half. Logan believed Castle was responsible and attacked him. The fight was rough with Castle about to set Logan on fire when they were interrupted by a group of little people led by Tony Casino the brother of the late mafia don Tommy Casino whom the Punisher had recently killed. They fought these little people who were revealed to be the killers, forcing the pair to team up.

Knowing Wolverine would survive and come after him he trapped him under a steam roller as he escaped. While taking down a drug den he noticed a cop pocketing some of the drugs. He tracked the duo and took out their informant along the way as well torching drug dens. Castle had started to notice a decline in some of the usual activity he targeted in New York and went to question one of his informants to see what he could learn, the informant told him about a drug deal which Castle went to deal with, however what he found was instead professional gun runners who were selling dangerous weaponry.

A sniper on a nearby roof spotted Castle and alerted the others to his presence, while Castle was planning a response he got lucky and one of the gang members fumbled a rocket launcher and took himself and his men out for him. Frank returned to his informant who told him that the arms dealers he'd spotted and taken down originated in a small town called Branding located in Texas. Castle arrived in the town and quickly learned from a local woman, Kim Wells as well as the local Sheriff that they and the rest of the town were aware that there was a gang set up near their town with a lot of weaponry but nothing had been done about it, the Sheriff stated he wanted to keep the peace but he was also in a relationship with the leaders son which kept her men behaving themselves when they would enter the town.

It didn't take Castle to learn the location of the arms dealers, who were set up in a fortified compound outside the town, as well as the fact that their leader was a woman named Rachel. While visiting the towns bar Castle entered into a bar fight with a member of the gang who was carried a stolen military grade firearm without the serial number filed off, informing him that the gang were sourcing their weaponry from corrupt members of the Army.

The leader of the gang, Rachel, lost her son to a homophobic hate crime after he was repeatedly run over in the desert and left for her people to find so in revenge she planned to lead her people against the town. They didn't get far before the Sheriff attempted to reason with them and then engaged in a firefight instead when they wouldn't listen. This allowed Castle to infiltrate their compound and killed those who had not got along into town before soaking the compound in gasoline, piling up the weaponry and detonating the entire place with a grenade.

Rachel and her gang returned to the compound when they witnessed the explosion which left her more determined to fight after losing all of her product.