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Patrick "Pat" O'Hara (born September 27, ) is a former coach and quarterback in the Arena Football League (AFL). He currently serves as the quarterback.

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I do not see the obstacles that I have to learn and overcome. I am addicted to bright illusions, I cling to pleasurable experiences as if they were the highest degree of what I could achieve.

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So I'm trapped in the "Maya", the world of illusions and deceptions, maybe I surrender my power to a teacher, a doctrine or a specific religion, but I'm not aware of that. I think that I am spiritually very advanced, but I only deceive myself. I repeat what the teacher or the group says: "Do not do that I am dependent on the group, a dogma, on a special tool, such as a music or other people to repeat my spiritual experiences.

Maybe I am addicted to groups that deal with beautiful, lightful energies or tend to take off and "fly". I forget that spirituality is also "as above so below". I live in a bubble that is not real, and I do not realize that there is no ascension from it. A very sensitive dependency is to depend on the states of bliss and expanded consciousness as of a drug, until I realize that I cannot integrate them into my daily life. Another possibility is to depend on substances such as mother plants to achieve these "peak experiences".

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The only way to your mastery, to a life from the spirit, is the direct experience. Jesus and Budha taught their disciples and sent them into the world. But times have changed. A teaching or teacher can give you information, tools, or an impulse, initiate a healing or a process of accelerated spiritual evolution called initiation. But the experience can only be lived by you, you have to take the decision to follow the path, and to live it everyday, with discipline, dedication and love, so that something really changes in you.

Then you have to achieve the experiences alone, without a teacher, at any time of your life. You must "know without knowing" how to connect with the luminous states of your soul, perhaps live mystical experiences, make your personal time offs in silence, how to talk to nature and heal yourself, etc. More and more people are finding their way alone nowadays, they are making surprising progresses in a short time.

Myself, I owe many transcendental experiences to Don Lauro; thanks to him, I learned that life lived by most people is rather limited and that this cosmovision is real. Something has changed in me: my body, my mentality, my heart, the connection with my spirit, I got supreme knowledge and was allowed to experience it, it vibrated and sounded in me, it was not just in a book or in my head. Then I learned to repeat the experiences alone and then share and teach them. The monk, the warrior, Parzival, the hero of direct experience may be a rebel, or better a pioneer: he questions himself and then asks : "And now, how can I make it mine?

Your priests, your words of gratitude

How can I improve it? What new application or exercise could I create with this experience? The direct path needs distinctiveness: that means, to recognize your ancestral and soul linages that you must follow in this life or phase of life. Then you will not jump from workshop to workshop, but will first train and develop one "linage", then maybe another.

You are not finished. Perhaps you have forgotten that you live in a dual world, where most people are wrapped up in a system where money rules, where we work, and must fulfill duties as citizens. Every person is totally responsible for themselves and chooses his integrity, his environment, his heartfelt activities himselves.

I allow myself to be guided by my spirit and try to apply it at the workplace, at home and in the kitchen, in making money, with my friends, in the social networks physical and virtual , as well as in the practice of my leadership style and the education of children. Starting from these 5 levels of consciousness or 5 traps of illusion , mankind will be able to create new forms of human coexistence, business and education. The hardest is already achieved, now it is about to manifest further.

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    Because somewhere you have to have a finite starting point otherwise the energy of the universe is completely spent once you get to now. You can posit alternative explanations all you want, but what I am asking for is evidence. I assume that when you say eventually you have to find a finite starting point, you are saying this because you believe that an infinite regression of causes is impossible. So you posit a creator in order to solve this. First let me ask you who created the creator?

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    He is the first un-caused cause. So then I ask, if God can be thought to be un-caused then why can we not think of the big bang to be un-caused? That does not mean that I retract the idea I was trying to convey. You are arguing fallaciously from ignorance. You state that because we do not have any evidence to the contrary, this lack of evidence proves the existence of your claim. Let me formalize a similar argument to yours. If God does not exist then we should have evidence that He does not exist. We do not have evidence that He does not exist. Therefore God exists.

    If God does not exist then we should have evidence to support that He does not exist 2. God exists. Let God not existing be represented by the annotation N. Let evidence to support that God does not exist be represented by the annotation E. We cannot think of the big bang as un-caused because of entropy. If the universe were infinitely old, it would be burned out by now. If the universe is not infinitely old then it has a cause. Which brings us back to the necessity of an uncaused cause.

    The uncaused cause has to be metaphysical. There are thousands of codes we do know the origin of and all of them are designed.

    Beloved Jesus gift: The Last letting go. Experiencing God's Abundance of every good thing

    There are no codes that we have observed that were not designed. Yes there is always room for doubt. But I am arguing based on what we do know, not what we might find out someday. Based on the scientific method — which uses inference and induction — we have every reason to believe DNA is designed.

    There is some room to doubt it is designed but there is vastly more room to doubt that it is not designed. If you reject my inference to design then on the same grounds you would have to reject the assertion that the laws of physics are the same everywhere in the universe. When teaching my children about the evidence for origins, my goal is not to prove or disprove anything.

    My goal is to show them that the evidence we have is inconclusive ambiguous so what ever they choose to believe, based on the available evidence will require them to believe in something unseen. Both positions require making assumptions that go beyond the scope of the available evidence. Science will never prove or disprove the existance of God, that is one of its limitations, but to use that lack of proof to deny that there is any compelling evidence that points in the direction of a creator or to deny that scientists also have faith in somehing when evidence is lacking ie.