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Scotland The Best Cathedrals in Scotland. Melrose Abbey the Borders : If it weren't for the abbey's location in the frequently devastated Borders, this would be one of the world's most spectacular ecclesiastical complexes. Founded in the s, Melrose acquired vast wealth and was the target of its covetous enemies; it was burned and rebuilt several times before the Protestant takeover of Scotland.

Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Today, it's one of the world's most beautiful ruins, a site immortalized by Robert Burns, who advised people to visit it only by moonlight. Cathedral of St. Kentigern Glasgow : In the 7th century, St. Mungo built a wooden structure here, intending it to be his headquarters and eventual tomb.

It burned down but was rebuilt in the s. Kentigern is mainland Scotland's only complete medieval cathedral, with a form based extensively on the pointed arch. In the s, the Calvinists stripped it of anything hinting at papist idolatry, though a remarkable set of sculptures atop its stone nave screen, said to be unique in Scotland, still represents the seven deadly sins. Three kings of Scotland were born here, and 22 members of the Scottish royal family were buried here.

In the early s, its ruined premises were partially restored to what you see today. The architecture of the Scottish medieval church, Fawcett, R. Stirling Castle and the architecture of Scottish kingship in the late middle ages Fawcett, R. Ayers, T. Tate Publishing , p. The architecture and planning of the priory Fawcett, R. James, H. Tayside and Fife Archaeological Committee , p. The Cistercian abbey of Deer Fawcett, R. Forsyth, K.

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Scotland's tallest peak

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Melrose Abbey

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Scottish Abbeys and Cathedrals - Joseph Robertson - Google книги

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Geddes, J. Paisley Abbey Church: the medieval architecture Fawcett, R.