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I am interested in the arguments exposed there mainly, no matter who expresses these. And I disagree completely with the comment you mention, but some commenters have replied him already.

In fact, I want to read any solid argument against this op-ed… which is based in the present situation,-of course not the past- but I am not finding any. This is the same partisan family which the party of Mr. The other party in his coalition CiU i. In Semptember 11th there had been a 1. This is a political issue, mainly fuelled by Spanish nationalism. Regarding the linguistic issue in schools, a lot of studies and experts do contradict the main thesis of this article.

Catalan speakers are an endangered minority in Spain, despite the hypothetical protection provided by the Spanish Constitution. It is not taught in schools and it is not called Catalan but a Newspeak name: Lapao.

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The Spanish Government does tolerate this abuse. Spanish is considered the national language; Catalan is a regional language —Sierra and Vilarrubias think so please, read again their fifth paragraph.

Homage to Catalonia

Not respecting language rights and threatening Catalan schools are a key political drive in Spanish politics since The Catalan language has been forbidden for years since then. For many years, Catalan speakers have not been allowed to learn reading and writing their own language; Spanish speakers in Catalonia have not been allowed to learn reading nor writing nor speaking Catalan. Spanish nationalism in the Franco era seek to divide Catalonia by force in two separated communities.

It was not a strange maneuvre. After the Franco era, a vast majority in the Catalan Parliament agreed to guarantee all children would be able to speak both Catalan and Spanish at the end of schooling. Children are not separated by their mother tongue in schools. We are proud of it, although Spanish nationalists would rather prefer the contrary.

Despite being banned for decades, Catalan is regaining, little by little, its status as normal language in Catalonia. The Catalan case is exceptional due to the permanent opposition of the Spanish government. In Catalonia, there is a growing sense of being one community, whatever the usual language one speaks. Finally, consider Portugal. Why does Spain not pressure Portugal in order to increase the presence of Spanish in Portuguese schools?

In Catalonia, we think the answer is crystal clear: the only remedy is the Catalan Republic. Could you explain us this? You are not saying the true again. Do you know who was Boscan? Could you explain why with preference the catalan publishers wrote in spanish since this century? Do you?

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Is absolutely false Catalan language was forbidden with Felipe V. There are a lot of Catalan people in S.

Should You Learn Catalan?

If you need more information about catalan language before and after Felipe V you could read these links:. There were not 1. But now those who have remained silent in the region because they want a bit of peace and quiet to get on with their lives are beginning to wake up the fact that their choices are being erroded, and that Catalan nationalism is being forced on them. This seems especially when it comes to educating their children to thrive in a globalized world where Catalan is barely a speck on the world language radar screen. Have they even heard of Catalan in Chicago, Illinois?

Or Shanghai? Or Bangalore? Have they heard of Spanish? In the U. But Catalan? Say what? Closer to home, if the putative Catalan Republic expects to be a part of the EU, then it is deceiving itself. The head of the European Commission Barosso has spoken against the likelihood of accepting independent breakaways like Scotland, Catalonia, Flanders, the Venetian Republic, etc..

Time to rethink the approach, I think. Because this one is not going to get a recognized independent Catalan state anytime soon. Catalan is the own language of Catalonia. Where the troubble is? In hate to other language were not spanish? Ask to the spanish prime minister, all times.

They only speak spanish. Catalan has been imposed the last 30 years just as spanish was imposed in the Francoist Spain. Both ways are wrong.

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What the hell are you saying? Spanish is a legal language, and there is not enough people who wants their children to be educated in spanish for open a single school. The mono-lingual education was promoted in the spanish-speaking towns because the spanish-speaking populations wanted their children to be integrated in the society. In the class you can speak in spanish if you want, and in the little, catalan-monolingual villages there are some subjects in spanish when the teachers think the children need them.

There is no opression, and there is not demand for opening only-spanish schools. Are you against bilinguism? Spanish is an official language and the mother tongue of more than half of the population in Catalonia. Why you Catalan nationalists feel threatened by this fact? You can study Catalan in all schools in Catalonia. There has been increasing pressure to speak Catalan also during games at the school courtyard.

But Spanish is the mother tongue of the majority of the majority of the Catalan population. It is official as well so it should be respected too, along Catalan. Spanish also known as Castilian has been talked, written and published in Barcelona an surrounding areas the most populated of Catalonia for at least four centuries — even more than English in Montreal Quebec-Canada. Well, at least both. Another thing that is interesting about this article is the lack of objectivism. Just the other way around.

Some information in this article is not true. In my case, the language of teaching depended on the teacher itself. And looking back i can state that i had almost the same amount of classes in spanish and in catalan during my student life. We never had any problems regarding this issue, but with the independence of catalonia on the spotlight a lot of spanish people is telling lies and dishonesting everything that is related to catalan culture.

I hope that you have a more realistic perspective now. Education really matters, and what the separatists are doing through denying the children of Catalonia the right to be taught in a world language will limit their chances and could impoverish the region in the future, whether they cecede or not. The international community should take note of this if and when an independent Catalonia applies for EU membership. In Catalonia people demands work and a just society, and there is a relative majority that thinks independence could help on that.

In the other hand, there is not a real demand for an spanish education, because the people know that if you want to be integrated in the catalan society, you need to know both catalan and spanish, and the only way to ensure that is the current system. The alternative is a long and costly legal process and social stigmatizarion.

This is the Catalonian freedom. Email Address.

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Skip to content. This entry was posted in Nationalism , Spain and tagged bilingual education , Catalan Independence , catalan language , Catalonia. Bookmark the permalink. March 16, at pm. Almost no immigrant from outside of Spain knows Catalan the ones who know it more are Russians and British, from my personal experience My point is, why the hell has Spanish to be protected in Catalonia when it has milions of speakers?

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