An Unlikely Zendo

Patrick "Pat" O'Hara (born September 27, ) is a former coach and quarterback in the Arena Football League (AFL). He currently serves as the quarterback.

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Tips for managing confusion dogs

He also said that he posted it to make fun of people who write similar posts, writing, "tup, this is a mockery and I did it all for teh LuLz! People are still sharing the post, and while Hamdog is still definitely a hero in all our eyes, not everyone has clued into the fact that he's just a regular dog waiting for a treat.

Vision Loss: Causes and Symptoms

Let's hope whoever the dog's owner is, they at least gave him the ham after putting it on his face. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Once your dog is trained and understands what is expected out of him, you can wean off the treats. You can also use play as a reward for potty. Staying out and playing with your dog for a few minutes after potty will make him realize that doing his business is a good thing, not a trigger that ends outside time.

This will put a command with the behavior he was doing anyway and make it quicker for him to correlate the verbal command with the behavior. Do not play with the dog or allow the dog to play outdoors until after he does his job. Play can then be used as a reward. Stay out there until he does his business. Dogs thrive on consistency and use their nose and sense of smell, so you can use those skills in housetraining.

Go out the same door each time for potty and to the same area. Think of it as area training.

The Internet is really confused about this dog with ham on his face

Your goal is to make that area smell like potty. Get creative. Male dogs especially do well with this trick.

Now put that nice smelly log or bag in your potty area outside in your backyard. What if your dog does have an accident in the house?

The Internet is really confused about this dog with ham on his face

First, you must catch him in the act. I can not stress this enough. Remember earlier I said that you have 1. Feed a high quality food because it will be absorbed better and there will be less waste i.

Can My Dog Be Misdiagnosed?

Feed at a scheduled time s each day, allowing minutes to eat. Do not open feed. There are many reasons not to open feed, and this is just one of them. Do not withhold water as dogs, like people, should have access to fresh water whenever they are thirsty.

The exception is for young dogs. You can remove their water an hour or two before bedtime. Take the dog out first thing in the morning, shortly after eating, after confinement, after extensive play or excitement, and prior to retiring for the night. Keep the dog on a set schedule.

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Dogs are creatures of habit and do very well when they have a routine to follow. A dry erase board by the door is great for this purpose if you have a family and must get everyone on the same page. You can also use a kitchen timer to remind everyone when the dog must go out for potty next.

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  4. Try a longer leash. You can buy a foot training lead at most pet stores. Beware of Flexis.

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    The problem is, pit bulls are illegal in Ipswich under state and local laws. The city's health and regulation committee chairman Andrew Antoniolli said the redefinition of the American Staffordshire was the result of a drawn-out court case on the Gold Coast. However, the Supreme Court has deemed they are actually the same breed as American pit bulls.

    The American pit bull terrier breed has been implicated in a number of serious and sometimes fatal dog attacks on people, as well as on other animals.