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Finding a Cure for Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is the most common solid tumour in early childhood. Cancer is the largest killer of children from disease in Australia. Although the survival rate has increased from zero 60 years ago to over 80 per cent today. Some studies support this. You might see a healer on your own or as part of a group. If you see the healer in private, they will ask you questions. They will want to know about your medical history and how you are feeling emotionally. You can take your shoes off.

Health Benefits of Experiencing Music

Sessions usually lasts between 20 to 30 minutes but can vary. The healer usually stays silent during the sessions. They may play some relaxing music in the background. During the treatment, the healer will pass their hands just over the top of your body. They may use light touch in places. You may find that some very strong emotions come to the surface during a session of healing.

This will not surprise your healer. They will be there to support you. Many people say that they feel very sleepy and relaxed during and after the treatment. The next day you might feel full of energy.

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Sometimes you can feel some effect in one session. But more often than not, any improvement is gradual. You can have distant healing when you are far away from the healer. Even without you knowing that the healer is thinking of you. There are no reports of any side effects from people who use healing. It is a safe therapy to use.

But, some experts say you should use it with caution if you have uncontrolled epilepsy. In theory, the deep relaxation it can bring on, could cause a seizure fit in some people. Tell your doctor about any complementary or alternative therapy you are using. That way, your doctor will always have the full picture about your care and treatment.

Most healers will tell you not to do any intense physical exercise soon after your treatment. Tell your healer about your cancer treatment. Also tell them if you are using any other type of complementary or alternative therapy.

Music as Medicine

There is no scientific evidence to prove healing can prevent or cure any disease, including cancer. But it may help to lower stress, relieve symptoms and promote relaxation. American researchers did a study in They looked at how adults with a recent cancer diagnosis used complementary therapies. Healing is a type of mind and body therapy. People with bowel cancer were least likely to use mind and body therapies. Using healing alongside your cancer treatment is safe.

Many doctors accept healing as a useful complementary therapy for some conditions. In researchers reviewed 4 trials. They looked at whether therapeutic touch could help wounds from minor surgery heal. Two trials seemed to show better wound healing. One showed no difference. The other showed worse wound healing. In researchers looked at healing therapy in a randomised controlled study. Just another benefit of having a canine companion.

They are wonderful grief counselors, as well. I can attest to the fact that dogs, as opposed to cats, do get you up and out.

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  • I have an 8-year-old Aussie who constantly nudges me towards the door. Not to mention the perk I get seeing his smiling face and wagging…well, area where his tail would be if he had one! As a registered provider of animal-assisted therapy, she made visits with me to an extended care wing. I saw year-old women clap their hands at the sight of her, like a 5-year-old getting birthday cake.

    My only frustration is that some hospitals only see my dog as a drooling mess, a burden that they would rather not support, rather than the amazing mood booster and ray of sunshine that she is. My three dogs, two whippets and a greyhound, are one of the most important and gratifying aspects of my life. For me, the mental health benefits of living with dogs are incalculable.

    I hope so! Hmmm, but your new dog will not have enough time to help YOU, my friend.


    I like both cats and dogs. Currently I have two cats. Recently, I was feeling pretty blue at the end of a long day, and my fluffy calico came RUNNING up to greet me as I walked in the door, followed me around until I sat down, then leaped into my lap and settled there, purring. It really turned my mood around. I put my dog down 2 years ago and I still miss him. Pets give a human being the most unconditional love. They still want to kiss you even when your breath stinks.

    They posses an uncanning way to share your joy and feel all your pain both physical and emoitional. When I was going through chemo for breast cancer two years ago, my dogs were there for me everyday, spending hours on the bed with me when I was too sick to get up. Their love and support were certainly instrumental in my healing.

    Music has healing powers for breast cancer patients – Orange County Register

    Click here. My dog has been my best friend since the day I saw him! When I was 5, our family acquired a cockapoo named Nellis from a neighbor who just dumped him on us. I still consider Nellis to be the brother I never had. As we were a military family and moved around a lot, Nellis was one of the few constants in my life.